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Leo Alchemy Stool

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Leo Alchemy Stool

Create an ambience of natural sophistication with the Leo Alchemy Stool. A unique piece, the Leo Alchemy Stool radiates beauty and offers a unique combination of earthy elegance. Placed between two couches or beside your bed, the Leo Alchemy Stool is versatile in function and crafted with one-of-a-kind materials. Featuring an imperfect, cylindrical shape, the Leo Alchemy Stool is crafted from petrified wood, an exotic material that is a result of permineralization, the process by which trees transition to stone. Featuring hues of white and black, the Leo Alchemy Stool is a stunning complement amongst any contemporary home decor. Please note that petrified wood products are natural products and often feature natural characteristics including cracks and small holes that were formed underground.

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