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Theo Galvanized Stool

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Theo Galvanized Stool had been bought since long time in the past. It indicates the high top quality which makes Theo Galvanized Stool presence and become well known for long period. If you are never tried, you have to try to uncover the reason why Theo Galvanized Stool appears for your long time in the market.

Theo Galvanized Stool

Every workbench needs proper seating. The Theo Galvanized Metal Stool has a raw finish with a number etched on the seat. It pairs perfectly with the industrial-style tools and materials that are scattered about your workstation. The Theo Stool can also be used in your living area to give your space urban warehouse vibes.-Sold individually.-Dimensions: 12W x 12D x 17H-Crafted of aluminum in a galvanized finish.

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