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Chinese Ceramic Clay Off White Glaze Round Flat Column Garden Stool

Review Chinese Ceramic Clay Off White Glaze Round Flat Column Garden Stool

Do you searching for Chinese Ceramic Clay Off White Glaze Round Flat Column Garden Stool? If you say yes, you will need to try. If you are never ever tried before, you need to try to discover the wonder of Chinese Ceramic Clay Off White Glaze Round Flat Column Garden Stool. After your first time of trying, you may be back to buy all over again. The good thing with low price, not too much people will not back.

Chinese Ceramic Clay Off White Glaze Round Flat Column Garden Stool

This is a handmade Chinese accent decorative garden clay stool in a round flat column shape. The surface is glazed with freestyle Off White color. This kind of stool is getting popular for decorating the indoor home. It is mostly used as a table base/ small coffee table, plant stand or simply as a decor item.-Dimensions: Dia 16 x h20 +- 0.5-Origin: China-Material: Ceramic-Condition: handmade, not perfect, rustic vintage finish, variation in glaze, original touch up marks-Work: ship assembled, no assembly required-Era : Recent

Chinese Ceramic Clay Off White Glaze Round Flat Column Garden Stool Tips & Ideas

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