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Emissary Stripe Garden Stool, Burgundy

Review Emissary Stripe Garden Stool, Burgundy

If you have no training with Emissary Stripe Garden Stool, Burgundy before. Therefore you hesitate that is becoming good as we believed or not. We suggest you to definitely take Emissary Stripe Garden Stool, Burgundy and verify the new wonderful expertise from Emissary Stripe Garden Stool, Burgundy by yourself. If you aren't satisfied with Emissary Stripe Garden Stool, Burgundy, we be sure to to return you complete amount of money.

Emissary Stripe Garden Stool, Burgundy

Our Emissary Stripe Garden Stool Burgundy adds color and a fun pattern indoors or out. Featuring playful black and white strips and lovely willow green hue, this cheery and bright stool works well beside a chair used as a drink table, extra seating or to decorative accent-Material: Glossy Glaze Ceramic-Dimensions: 14D x 18H-All handcrafted items and ceramic pieces will have some degree of variance in color, size and finish. These variations add to the character of the design and create the uniqueness and individuality of each piece-Origin: China

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