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Horm Ripples Bench, Indoor

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Have you ever tried applying this Horm Ripples Bench, Indoor before? If the truth is “no”, why donot try it yourself at home? The price appears to be higher than what it needs to be, but quality is much more than what you see. The results are amazing! Yet, do it yourself now.

Horm Ripples Bench, Indoor

Designed by Toyo Ito, the indoor Ripples Bench makes a stylish addition to any living space. This product is skilfully crafted from a laminated composite of five different solid woods, boasting a stunning circular design. Channeling an earthy, natural feel, this stool is entirely hand-finished, offering an incredibly soft, rich texture. Horm brings together simplicity, art and innovation to offer a refined range of interior products that turn every home into a unique and exclusive space.-Crafted from a laminated composite of five different woods-Earthy look-Geometric design-Soft and rich

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