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Char-Log Storage Bench, Ii

Review Char-Log Storage Bench, Ii

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Char-Log Storage Bench, Ii

Add some distinctive rustic flair and comfortable outdoor seating to your porch, lodge, patio or any indoor/outdoor living space with this handcrafted authentic piece. This bench works double-duty as a storage area. Stash away garden hoses and gloves, or keep spare cushions in the roomy storage space. This unique bench provides a high back and boasts an star cut-out in the center back panel. The Char-Log Series from Leigh Country features a naturally charred finish. Each log is individually cut, milled, charred, and then polished. This curing process helps extend the life of the wood by preventing mold and mildew, insect infestation, and rendering them fire resistant. All the logs are pre-checked to prevent further cracking from the natural expansion and contraction that occurs with weather changes. They are then sealed with a clear coat of varnish for a glossy finish. To extend the life of your product, and protect the charred finish, please use in a covered space.

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