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Consigned 1880 French Gothic Antique Bench Heavily

Review Consigned 1880 French Gothic Antique Bench Heavily

One area where shopping on the web can be convenient is when looking for products like Consigned 1880 French Gothic Antique Bench Heavily. In the event you cannot find something in the shops you require to spend time looking for it or ask a member of staff, who might be busy meaning you have to waste your time waiting. Online shopping is best for those who just cannot waste time. You can look for your favourite Consigned 1880 French Gothic Antique Bench Heavily here and get it at much affordable price. Also, getting Consigned 1880 French Gothic Antique Bench Heavily online from this page can save you shipping fee. Shopping from home is just like a dream come true.

Consigned 1880 French Gothic Antique Bench Heavily

Product Details-Item #: 17-86-Dimensions (inches): 68Hx48.50Wx17.75DComment: Imagine the incredible effect this antique Gothic bench will have in your foyer or entryway, and just how much it will impress your visitors. Oh, the antique oak bench is also wonderfully useful when you're changing your boots!Crafted in France in solid oak wood, the handsome antique Gothic bench dates to 1880. Although it makes a big impression and looks like it should be in a cathedral, you might be surprised to learn that the antique Gothic bench is just over 4 feet wide, making it a friendly size even for more modestly sized homes. Carved top-to-toe with classic Gothic designs, the French antique bench is crowned with a gallery of fleur-de-lis, and decorated with swirling flower designs. Nobody else needs know that the antique Gothic bench has a secret hidey-hole... simply lift up the sturdy oak bench seat to hide your secret manuscripts and golden treasures. Or, we guess, you could just use it as storage for your umbrella! This is a rare opportunity to own a genuine French Gothic antique bench and enjoy its medieval style beauty in your home. The antique Gothic bench stands 69 inches high and it measures 48.5 inches long and 17.5 inches deep.-Origin: France-Date: 1880-Material: Solid Oak-Number Doors: 1Condition: GoodIn overall Good condition. Antique and vintage items by their very nature show normal wear to finish and miscellaneous scratches, nicks, and dings due to age and use. As we define 'good condition' relative to the stated age of the piece, we would expect to see 'character marks' consistent with that age and could include nicks or dings on a piece of furniture, normal separation at joints in wood due to expansion and contraction over time, minor damage to veneer has been stabilized, most locks functioning, most drawers and doors open or slide easily, some original trim may be missing or has been replaced with genuine period correct substitutes or new reproductions, and there may be one or more splits in the wood due to age and use. If there has been a break in the marble, it has been repaired and the repair may be visible. There may be minor restoration that is visible. Chairs considered 'good condition' may have professional structural repairs but are considered to be structurally sound. These types of repairs may be visible upon close inspection. Upholstered items may show wear consistent with age and use and may need to be reupholstered.Item Specifics: Shows normal wear to the finish and miscellaneous nicks, dings, and scratches due to age and use.Additional Information-Style: Gothic revival-As the middle class rose in status and wealth with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, more people were able to afford furniture. This flattening of society in combination with technological advancements created a surge of furniture production. Improved transportation meant a greater variety of wood was available at lower costs. For the first time, furniture became accessible and affordable to the common man. From the 1830s to the end of the 19th century, furniture makers reached back to earlier historical styles and reinterpreted them with a great deal of creativity and experimentation. Although machines were used to increase speed and productivity, most of the carvings were still done by hand. Consumers were hungry for large, ornate and heavily carved furniture that would impress their friends and family and show off their newly found wealth.-The Gothic Revival style brought back the beautiful and ornate architectural motifs found on Gothic cathedrals built during the twelfth through fourteenth centuries. Hallmarks of the Gothic Revival style include ornate tracery panels, quatrefoil, rosettes, pointed arches (ogives), linen fold motif, gargoyles and monk's heads. These decorative elements are commonly found carved on Gothic Revival pieces, reminding one of large stained glass windows and sculptures found in medieval churches. Most furniture pieces were made of oak or walnut and were finished with a dark stain. On most pieces, the carvings were hand-done and it is interesting to note the unique differences on different carved panels. French consumers clamored for the ornate designs of Gothic Revival furniture and decorative arts, which were viewed as the pinnacle of elegant taste.-Object: Hall Bench

Consigned 1880 French Gothic Antique Bench Heavily Tips & Ideas

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