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Infinity Bench - CNC Cut Parametric Bench

Review Infinity Bench - CNC Cut Parametric Bench

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Infinity Bench - CNC Cut Parametric Bench

Dimensions:-Length: 122 inches-Width: 52 inches-Height: 24 inchesThe Infinity bench was designed as a symbol of the almost paradoxical possibilities presented by Digital Fabrication - or put another way - the process of bringing what could once only be virtual into our everyday reality. We used to focus on digitizing our world; everyone wanted to mimic reality inside their computer. Now, in the Industrial Digital Age, we are doing the opposite - we bring our abstract, sometimes impossible fantasies out of its virtual birthplace and into the real world. The Infinity bench represents these new possibilities. It consists of 115 pieces of high quality Birch plywood, held together by a series of zinc-plated steel inner rods, making it rock-solid, adding a touch of postmodern, organic design to any room or space it occupies.This bench can be altered from its natural light-brown color, and can be stained or painted in a variety of different color options. By default, we finish this product with a high-quality, lacquer based satin finish.

Infinity Bench - CNC Cut Parametric Bench Tips & Ideas

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