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First Alert Portable AM/FM Weather Radio With Alarm Clock

Review First Alert Portable AM/FM Weather Radio With Alarm Clock

First Alert Portable AM/FM Weather Radio With Alarm Clock is designed and manufactured by next technology via experts. Which is the strategy to boost the safety in addition to improve product performance to be better than previously. That can serve the client needs more suitable. First Alert Portable AM/FM Weather Radio With Alarm Clock is wonderful product until you are not able to stop to recommend the item to others.

First Alert Portable AM/FM Weather Radio With Alarm Clock

It seems like the weather is getting wilder and more unpredictable by the year. If you don't own a weather radio, consider the First Alert Portable AM/FM Weather Radio with Alarm Clock. Not only can it search all 7 NOAA weather band frequencies, it sounds an alarm when it receives an emergency broadcast. This handy radio can also charge your USB compatible devices and is weather-resistant.-Receives instant 24-hour weather, marine forecast & SAME weather alerts-Information broadcast by NOAA on all 7 weather band frequencies-3 different color-coded alert indicators to indicate warning, watch & advisory-AM/FM frequency synthesized digital tuner with 10 AM/FM presets-Ultrabright LED flashlight-Multifunction blue backlit LCD display-Built-in handle-Clock with snooze-Charging indicator-Sleep function-1A emergency USB port for charging USB-compatible devices-Weather-resistant-Headphone jack-4-way power: dynamo, solar, rechargeable battery or 3 AA batteries (not included)

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