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Jessica Geo Wool Rug, 5'x7'9

Review Jessica Geo Wool Rug, 5'x7'9

If you are intrigued in this Jessica Geo Wool Rug, 5'x7'9. We hope to compliment you. Because now you can own Jessica Geo Wool Rug, 5'x7'9 with the very best prices. Jessica Geo Wool Rug, 5'x7'9 is a very good product. People’s interest. Many people who own the same voice that told Jessica Geo Wool Rug, 5'x7'9. It’s great to own.

Jessica Geo Wool Rug, 5'x7'9

The Jessica Geo Rug from 1st Avenue is beautifully hand tufted from 100% wool in India. Boasting a worldly geometric design, defined by intricate detailing and symmetrical motifs, this rug offers a stunning blend of complementary green and blue tones. Exhibiting an opulent yet discreet approach towards design, this rug from 1st Avenue makes a timeless addition to any living space. 100% wool Geometric design Dimensions: 5' x 7'9

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