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Macy Gradient Rug, Gray and Beige, 5'3"x7'6"

Review Macy Gradient Rug, Gray and Beige, 5'3"x7'6"

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Macy Gradient Rug, Gray and Beige, 5'3"x7'6"

Sink your toes into the thick, shaggy pile of the Macy Gradient Rug from MOD. Cool gray and beige hues with slate and indigo undertones create the perfect neutral backdrop for your room's design. And the synthetic fibers used in weaving the Macy offer a silky feel with exceptional durability. The MOD brand focuses on creating contemporary pieces that reimagine traditional ideals.-Gradient rug-Colors: Gray and beige-Materials: Polypropylene-Dimensions: W 5'3 x D 7'6

Macy Gradient Rug, Gray and Beige, 5'3"x7'6" Tips & Ideas

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