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Helena Lounge Chair

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Helena Lounge Chair is fantastic. If it can be doable, you should not miss to utilise them. It is pointed out widely nowadays concerning its impressive outcome which surprises the customers can use. You should not hesitate to use Helena Lounge Chair. Moreover you should be quick to get it and check for fantastic outcome by yourself.

Helena Lounge Chair

Beautifully covered in cowhide and constructed from solid bent plywood, the sleek curves, and tapered legs are the hallmarks of true contemporary design. The Helena Accent Chair offers durable stability as well as an aesthetic versatility that easily fits into so many spaces and styles. WDH: 21 3/4 x 22 1/4 x 14 3/4Color: Natural, Cowhide [Pattern May Vary]Materials: Molded Plywood, Cowhide

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