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HomCom 40" 3-Drawer 3-Basket Storage Bench, White

Review HomCom 40" 3-Drawer 3-Basket Storage Bench, White

If someone lives half an hour away from the town centre that means that even for quickly purchasing product it will take over an hour. Doing so online may only take minutes. Online shopping is a fast and an easy way that makes your shopping exciting and affordable. HomCom 40 3-Drawer 3-Basket Storage Bench, White is available at much affordable price here and if you are looking for HomCom 40 3-Drawer 3-Basket Storage Bench, White you have reached the right place. Shop for HomCom 40 3-Drawer 3-Basket Storage Bench, White from this page and you will be delivered it at your door step. The best part is that you are delivered your product via Merchants, one of the best online shopping sites.

HomCom 40" 3-Drawer 3-Basket Storage Bench, White

HomCom's 3-drawer, 3-basket storage bench combines natural and traditional looks to create one unique piece of furniture. It works great in any room of the house from hallways to bedrooms as storage or as a place to sit.Features:-Classic wood storage bench combines traditional and natural looks in one-3 drawers in an elegant style offer storage for household items-3 baskets in a woven design are removable for additional space-Works great in any room of the house from hallways to bedrooms-Use it for storage or as a convenient place to sitSpecifications:-Color: White-Material: Paulownia Wood, Straw Rope-Overall Dimensions: 39.5L x 13.75W x 17.75H-Drawer Dimensions: 12W x 11.75D x 3.75H-Inner Drawer Dimensions: 11.25W x 11D x 3.25H-Basket Dimensions: 11.5W x 11.75D x 8.5H-Inner Basket Dimensions: 10.75W x 10.75D x 10.75H-Bench Top Thickness: 0.75-Feet Height: 1H-Net Weight: 18lbs-Max. Load: 175lbs-Drawer Max. Load: 22lbs

HomCom 40" 3-Drawer 3-Basket Storage Bench, White Tips & Ideas

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