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Oriana Orchid Porcelain Box Flora Finish

Review Oriana Orchid Porcelain Box Flora Finish

Undisputed Oriana Orchid Porcelain Box Flora Finish

Oriana Orchid Porcelain Box Flora Finish

Jay Strongwater Oriana Orchid Porcelain Box SDH7349-256 Size: 3.5 Inches Tall x 4.75 Inches Wide x 4.75 Inches Deep Keep Jay's treasures and trinkets inside the Oriana Orchid Porcelain Box. The porcelain dish is carved with a hand decorated flower. Porcelain box imported from Portugal; zinc embellishment with a 14K gold and li ght brown antique finish, hand-enameled and hand-set with Swarovski crystals Jay Strongwater Item Number: SDH7349-256 Finish Color: Flora

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