Cookable Tagine-30, Sabrine Design, By Le Souk Ceramnique

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Cookable Tagine-30, Sabrine Design, By Le Souk Ceramnique Description

Clay pots and low-temperature slow cooking bring out incredible flavors in any dish, whether traditional North African or a contemporary creation. Our Cookable Tagine is designed for stove-top use (gas or electric), but was traditionally used over charcoal. Because of clay cookware's sensitivity to high heat, we recommend using a diffuser and the low setting on your stove. Our Tagines can be used in the oven (350 degrees or lower, 175 Celsius), but usually without the lid as a way to finish off or brown the meal. "Real" tagine recipes do not normally call for oven baking with the lid but we do encourage creating new recipes with oven baking in our tagine. If you come up with something super, please share it with us. Please follow our instructions for seasoning the clay before the first use. Hand made, hand painted with food safe paints and glazes, HAND WASH ONLY, Not for microwave use, re-season regularly.

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