Plates, 7.5", Brown

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The colors and styles of these products are various, meeting the different needs of customers. Due to temperature, time and other factors, ceramic products, in the firing process, will appear small pores, bubbles and so on, which are normal. Moreover, these products are made by high temperature firing, so the porcelain strength is good. Also, they have good antibacterial properties. Please rest assured to buy to use. Material: ceramic These products are made by high temperature firing, so the porcelain strength is good. When you clean it, you can add the detergent to warm water and wipe it with a sponge or a soft cloth. New ceramic tableware can be boiled in salt water for a moment, which will make it more difficult to be damaged, but also to extend its service life. Ceramic products are made by high temperature firing, so the surface will appear pinhole, glaze uneven, which are normal.

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