Welland Bamboo Bread Slicer Wood Compact Foldable

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Welland Bamboo Bread Slicer Wood Compact Foldable Description

Welland Bamboo Bread Slicer Wood Compact Foldable Cuts Thick or Thin SlicingAre you tired of your homemade bread not being sliced evenly? Of having odd pieces of bread leftover for the trash? We've got the solution for you and it's quite simple! Slicing bread with this WELLAND bread slicer has never been easier; just place the bread in the slicer and cut you knife along the grooves to create a perfect slice every time. This slicer can slice 3 different thicknesses, and if you enjoy really thick slices you can slice your bread in every other slot to produce an even thicker slice. The slicer is made from 100% bamboo wood and is extremely durable. Its spring loaded flip out design makes it easy to quickly open and fold it away in 2-3 seconds for easy storage

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